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Ryan Glick Internship Mastery

Ready To Jumpstart Your Tech Career?

Join other technology students and receive internship and career tips
that will help you go from tech intern to tech rockstar.

Ready To Jumpstart
Your Tech Career?

Join other college students and receive internship and career tips that will help you go from tech intern to tech rockstar.

"Internship Mastery"

After hundreds of intern interviews and many years of working with tech interns I hired, I had an aha moment. Most of the students didn't know how to correctly prepare for an interview, let alone an internship. It wasn't their fault though, they were never taught about proper career planning. 

That's when I knew I wanted to help by providing a clear plan. And, this is why I wrote my book, Internship Mastery. It provides the specific steps college students need to take to crush their internships.    

Make Your Internship More Than Just A Resume Builder

Regardless of where you're at in your internship journey, you're in the right place. Whether you've already started your internship or you're just now trying to figure out if an internship is right for you, it's not too late to turn your internship into a career springboard.  

My goal with Internship Mastery is to help you become the best possible tech intern. To help you not only land a great position, but to also help you turn your internship into the start of your successful tech career. A career where your confidence and skills will provide you with a path toward endless advancement opportunities.  

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Word On The Street

Ryan’s approach to being my “boss” was more like being a mentor and friend. He taught me to keep an eye on the future and be forward thinking while also learning in the moment and being a team player. His advice remains true and relevant even after I completed my internship, graduated college and began my full-time job.

Bryce S Headshot

Bryce S.

Iowa State University

Since working with him in 2017, Ryan has been an ongoing mentor. His willingness to teach and desire to help others is contagious. The advice and knowledge he has imparted on me, and which is shared in this book, is invaluable to any young professional looking to grow their career. A must read.

Grant P.

Arizona State University