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Episode Summary

What do you want to do after you finish your undergraduate degree? If you are thinking about furthering your career, our guest today gives some tips and tactics on how you should handle this process.

Joining us, is Dr. Kristen Strawhacker Bonzer. Kristen is a physical therapist at Breathe. Physical Therapy & Wellness in Des Moines, Iowa. Kristen shares her experience as an undergraduate athletic trainer at the University of Iowa.

In this episode, Kristen shares the skills that she learned when shadowing as an undergraduate. Kristen also offers her experience with searching for the right physical therapy school for her and ultimately how her decision-making process worked. Kristen finishes with offering some advice on what she wishes she knew at the start of her journey and advice to the undergraduates going through their own journey.

In this episode we discuss...
  • Show Introduction [0:01]
  • Introducing Our Guest [0:19]
  • Start of the Interview [1:42]
  • How Variable is Physical Therapy? [2:03]
  • Was Sports Medicine Your First Undergrad Choice? [4:23]
  • Undergrad Shadowing Experiences [5:50]
  • Decisions That Come with Apply to Physical Therapy School [7:53]
  • Thought Process of Choosing the Physical Therapy School That is Right for You [9:50]
  • How Did You Ultimately Choose That School? [12:13]
  • Internships During Undergrad [14:47]
  • What Sports Did You Shadow? [16:04]
  • What Do You Wish You Would Have Known Starting Graduate School? [18:44]
  • How Would You Define the Field That You Are in Now? [20:03]
  • Advice to Students Wanting to Go to Grad School or PT School [24:31]
  • Connect with Kristen [26:20]
  • Closing Thoughts [27:33]
  • Outro [28:27]

Resources Mentioned

Guest Details

Dr. Kristen Strawhacker Bonzer is a Physical Therapist at Breathe. Physical Therapy & Wellness in Des Moines, IA. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Iowa in athletic training. Kristen earned her doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis. 


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