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It's been a while since I've published anything on my site, so I wanted to provide you with a quick update.

I took a big step at the end of the year, and I went all-in to my start-up. This meant leaving a 14+ year career in Corporate America... and leaving a healthy salary, insurance, paid vacation, and more.

It also meant leaving my comfort zone. 

This is one the main reasons that many of us wait so long to take action. 

It's the main reason I took so long to take action.

I was in a comfortable spot, and even though my passion was in entrepreneurship (specifically, building a software company), I waited and waited.  

My last podcast episode foreshadowed what was coming and why focus was (and still is) so important to me. 

I'm now actively taking my company's product to market while also continually learning how to become the best possible CEO. 

As Elon Musk posted on Twitter when he saw that he had become the richest person in the world...

"Well, back to work"


Ryan has been heavily involved in the world of Information Technology and entrepreneurship since the early 2000s. From small business consulting to Fortune 500 IT leadership, Ryan has a wide array of tech industry knowledge. Ryan has his BBA and MBA from the University of Iowa. Connect with Ryan on Twitter or Instagram.

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