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Ryan Glick Microphone

I always enjoy sharing my thoughts on the world of technology internships and technology careers. Or, really, I enjoy chatting about technology and business in general.

Below are my contributions to various articles and podcasts. 

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Ryan Glick Microphone

My Media Contributions

Des Moines Book Festival — Festival Author (3/27/2021)
New Chapters — Donor Spotlight (7/6/2020)
Hustle the Day Podcast w/ Trent Bray — Podcast Guest (5/12/2020)
Successful Life Podcast w/ Corey Berrier — Podcast Guest (11/28/2019)
Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Fraternity At Iowa State University — Guest Speaker (11/5/2019)
The Cole Smith Show w/ Cole Smith — Podcast Guest (9/24/2019)
Fupping — Guest Contribution (5/28/2019)
Business News Daily — Expert Contribution (4/11/2019)
The Timeless Family Podcast — Podcast Host (2/3/2019)

These episodes are from a podcast I started and hosted back in 2017, called The Timeless Family. I (along with a co-host for most shows) recorded 54 podcast episodes throughout all of 2017. This included 26 interviews with authors, doctors, an NFL player, and more—with guests spanning 3 continents.

Below are a few of the episodes I recorded, edited, and published. I've provided a couple solo shows from a 16-episode "Finance Friday" series I recorded. I also provided a couple interviews that I recorded with my co-host. 

If you want the full scoop on everything that went into the Podcast, head over to my blog post on Fair warning, the blog post is super detailed and a little lengthy.   

Note: The Timeless Family brand is no longer active, so you won't find the show notes that are referenced throughout the episodes at