Internship Mastery Coaching & Mentoring Application

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in my Internship Mastery professional coaching and mentoring program.

Whether you're looking for help preparing for the start of your internship or you're looking to jumpstart your technology career, I can help. 

My one-on-one coaching will provide you with the guidance needed for career success.

Because I have a limited amount of time for coaching and mentoring, I'm very selective about who I work with. Essentially, I only work with students and recent grads who are serious about career and personal growth. 

If this describes you, and you're interested in joining my virtual coaching and mentoring program, simply fill out the application here

Thanks again, and I hope that we're able to work together in the near future!

Because I only take on a limited number of coaching clients, I have an application process to help me identify technology students who are serious about their careers.

If you're interested in getting one-one-one virtual coaching to help you with your technology internship or technology career, please fill out the application here

The actual coaching process will be customized to fit your specific needs. For example, if you need help with the interview process, we'll spend time going through mock interviews. Or, if you need help figuring out the right technology path, we'll discuss your goals and objectives.

Again, if you want to work with me directly, please fill out the application here