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Episode Summary

Today, I'm joined by Regina Bass, a mobile computing student at Rochester Institute of Technology. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • [1:56] How did Regina choose Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)?
  • [3:25] What does Regina's ideal role look like when she gets out of school? 
  • [4:32] What is it about technology that Regina enjoys?
  • [5:13] Were there other schools Regina considered before selecting RIT?
  • [6:50] How did Regina get her parents to buy-in to the idea of going to a school in New York when she lived in California?
  • [9:02] Why did Regina choose to be so actively involved in many organizations at school? 
  • [10:30] What's the biggest advantage for Regina of being involved in organizations?
  • [11:25] What Regina would say to someone who wants to join an organization but is a little hesitant.
  • [13:14] How does Regina keep from getting overwhelmed or taking on too many organizations?
  • [17:08] What has been the most valuable part of school so far?
  • [18:32] What was Regina's experience like working a remote internship over the summer?
  • [20:09] Any best practices for staying motivated while working remotely?
  • [22:38] Is Regina's school this fall starting out remote or in-person?
  • [25:33] A piece of advice for other college students.
  • [26:45] Where can you find out more about Regina?

Resources Mentioned

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Guest Details

Regina Bass, computer science student at the Rochester Institute of Technology

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