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Episode Summary

We dive into accounting careers today. To help me do this, I'm joined by CPA and Partner at Measured Results CPAs, Tyler McBroom. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • [1:12] Was Tyler always interested in accounting?
  • [3:22] Did starting out in a non-accounting field initially help Tyler bring a different perspective to his family's accounting practice?
  • [4:04] What does Tyler enjoy about accounting?
  • [5:42] How do you balance your business work schedule with your family?
  • [8:42] What do you see as the difference between public and private accounting careers?
  • [10:33] What's the transition look like from public to private accounting or the other way around? 
  • [12:44] Does Tyler see formal education as always being critical for the accounting field?
  • [15:10] How important is it to specalize in a specific area of accounting versus being a jack of all trades?
  • [18:14] Are soft skills important for employees at Tyler's firm?
  • [20:40] What should candidates ask a company when interviewing for a position? 
  • [22:38] Do you see the hours people work in the accounting industry as becoming more flexible and is virtual becoming more common?
  • [25:57] Do you need a CPA license to have a good accounting career?
  • [27:32] Tyler's final piece of advice for accounting students or recent grads. 

Resources Mentioned

Guest Details

Tyler McBroom, Partner at Measured Results CPA Firm

Tyler McBroom helps business owners to increase their cash flow by thousands of dollars per year through proactive tax planning strategies and getting their books on auto-pilot. His firm was recently named an Intuit Firm of the Future and one of the Top 100 Firms to Work For in the US by Accounting Today.

Tyler has a passion for teaching others; he is a contributor to Forbes, shares tax & business tips daily on his various social media channels, and has written several articles for Intuit's Tax Pro Center.

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