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Episode Summary

My guest today is Sue Reninger. Sue is the founder and managing director of RMD Advertising, which she founded in 1992. 

As a long-time marketing and advertising veteran, Sue has so much wisdom to share. We dive into topics that are helpful for all young professionals, especially those of you interested in marketing careers. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • [2:05] How Sue got started in advertising
  • [3:45] What has made Sue successful in advertising over the years?
  • [7:40] Is advertising stressful? 
  • [11:30] Biggest difference in marketing over the years
  • [13:54] Is marketing still a good career choice for college students to get into?
  • [18:21] Has artificial intelligence harmed the marketing industry and is it going to replace all of the marketing positions? 
  • [21:01] How do you develop a gut feel?
  • [23:21] Why is it so important to focus on who you spend time with?
  • [27:42] Should you specialize in marketing or be a jack of all trades?
  • [33:05] Advice to finding a good company to work for?
  • [36:47] Do you think a college degree is important for marketing professionals?
  • [40:20] Questions to ask a company when you're interviewing for an internship
  • [41:31] Final pieces of advice from Sue

Resources Mentioned

Guest Details

Sue Reninger, Founder and Managing Director of RMD Advertising

Since founding RMD Advertising in 1992, Sue has been responsible for the complete strategy and direction of RMD’s Columbus-based flagship office. Sue knows what it takes to successfully market and grow an emerging food business. As Managing Partner of RMD, she works with clients such as Rudolph Foods, Good Planet Foods, Bil-Jac Dog Food, Little Caesars Fundraising, Graeter’s Ice Cream and ParmCrisps/Thinsters to develop new strategies for their businesses and distinctive brands.

Her talent as a manager and leader has given rise to RMD’s employee and client-focused culture, which has at its core is a creative and engaging environment. Sue is the past President of the American Marketing Association, where during her tenure as President earned the prestigious honor of being named the International Chapter of the Year. She is also a past Advisory Board member of the International AMA's Chapter Council, past member of the Board of Directors of Central Ohio’s Alzheimer’s Association, as well as past member of Communities In Schools and the Hunger Food Alliance.

She has been honored with the prestigious NAWBO Visionary Award and Marketer of the Year from the American Marketing Association.

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